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Flying Pig 2015

2015 Flying Pig Kids' Marathon



Like equations?!  Try this one!


(Be Smart + Eat Well + Move More) x 26 (miles) = ????


Answer:  It equals being a kid marathoner in the 2015 Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon!




Between now and May 3rd you can start recording all of the reading, healthy eating, and exercise you do, so that you can qualify to be a kid marathoner in the last mile of the Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon at Sawyer Point!




How do I do that? It’s easy!


1)      Print out a Hog Log.

2)      Enjoy fun activities & make healthy choices.


3)      Track your progress (in miles) on your Hog Log.


4)      Come to Sawyer Point on May 3rd and get a cool Flying Pig t-shirt & medal… for crossing the Hog Log finish “swine” line




The Library wants to help you join the fun and learn how to use your Hog Log to “Be Smart, Eat Well and Move More." Stay on track and complete your Hog Log by visiting one of these Library locations:


    Anderson Branch Library

    Avondale Branch Library

    Deer Park Branch Library

    Main Library - Children's Learning Center

    North Central Branch Library

    Walnut Hills Branch Library

    Westwood Branch Library

    Wyoming Branch Library




There’s a lot that goes into making a marathoner!  You have to feel good, eat right and stay in shape!  Here is a list of great books to help you do all three!




Be sure to also:


    Keep track of your good nutrition habits on your Hog Log!

    Exercise your brain by reading every day and record your reading in the Hog Log!

    Run, jump, swim, play – get moving, have fun! ! Record the miles in your Hog Log!



Want to know more about eating right and staying in shape? The Nutrition Council has plenty of ideas!




Remember this equation!


Being smart + Eating well + Moving more+ 26 miles = YOU, as a 2015 Flying Pig Marathoner!


                                         The Hero Lies in All of Us.  Unleash Yours.


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