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Get ready for the release of "The Blood of Olympus" on October 7th by visiting Rick Riordan's website and exploring the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Learn about the characters, their world and other great books by Mr. Riordan.
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Did you know that the first jack o' lanterns weren't made out of pumpkins? They were made out of turnips! Speaking of pumpkins, orange is only one of the many colors they can be. Pumpkins can also be red, white, green and gray!
Source: Buzzfeed.com
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If you were voted into Office, what would you change?
Free Pizza Fridays!
Pajamas for School Uniforms
I would put a Bounce House in every school.
I wouldn't change anything.
Q:Knock, Knock! WHo's there? MIkey! Mikey who?
Samantha, age 11
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