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B Is for Buckeye: An Ohio Alphabet
by Marcia Schonberg
977.1 qS371 2000
Explores the heritage of Ohio by using each letter of the alphabet. 
Columbus and the State of Ohio: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know
by Kate Boehm Jerome
977.157 J56 2010
Collects information about the land, history, and people of Columbus and the state of Ohio. 
The Giant of Seville
by Dan Andreasen
599.949 fB329Za, 2007
Captain Bates is a giant who has toured around the world in the circus. In search of a quiet home for himself and his wife (who is also a giant), Captain Bates decides to get off the train in Seville [Ohio]. 
Heroes of Ohio: 23 True Tales of Courage and Character
by Rick Sowash
920 S731 1998
These are the stories of 23 Ohioans who defied the odds. When they were told "it couldn't be done," they did it anyway -- showing us all how courage and character really do count. 
The Legend of Ohio
by Dandi Daley Mackall
398.208997 qM153 2005
Forced to stay ahead of the moving glaciers and leave their protection near the Hocking Hills, this is the story of ancient people who struggled for life, but never lost faith in their chief. 
Little Ohio
by Marcia Schonberg
Basic information about the state of Ohio is relayed using simple riddles. 
Nothing Here But Trees
by Jean Van Leeuwan
j Fiction
A close-knit pioneer family carves out a new home amidst the densely forested land of Ohio in the early nineteenth century. 
by Darlene R. Stille
977.1 qS731u 2009
Ohio's geography, history and future. 
Ohio Native Americans
by Carole Marsh
977.100497 qM365 2004
A kid's look at our state's chiefs, tribes, reservations, powwows, lore, and more, from the past and present. 
Ohio Native Peoples
by Marcia Schonberg
977.1 S371 2010
Contains all kinds of interesting facts that tell the story of the people who lived in Ohio from 13,000 years ago to the present day. 
Ohio Plants and Animals
by Marcia Schonberg
578.09771 qS371 2010
All about Ohio's animal and plant communities. 
The Ohio Reader
by Marcia Schonberg
818.608097 S371 2007
Modeled after traditional primers, this book includes individual stories, riddles, and poems about Ohio's history, famous people, and state symbols. 
Ohio Thunder
by Denise Mortensen
A powerful thunderstorm sweeps across an Ohio farm. 
Oliver's Travels
by Cynthia Furlong Reynolds
j Fiction
Oliver, a tiny mouse with big dreams, follows a piece of a very old treasure map his great-uncle gave him as he leaves safety and security behind to journey through Ohio, learning much about the state along the way. Includes Ohio activities, symbols, and other facts. 
Our Farm: Four Seasons with Five Kids on One Family's Farm
by Michael J. Rosen
630.977159 R813 2010
A journal of one year on the Bennett farm in central Ohio. Shows how one family, with the help of relatives and friends, creates a life and livelihood on a 150-acre farm. 
People of Ohio
by Marcia Schonberg
977.1 S371 2010
This book contains fascinating stories of the many different people who have made Ohio what it is today. 
State Shapes: Ohio
by Eric McHugh
977.1 qM151 2007
Famous people! Stories from Ohio's past! Life in the Buckeye State! And much more 
Under Ohio: the Story of Ohio's Rocks and Fossils
by Charles Ferguson Barker
818.608097 S371 2007
A study of Ohio's geology for kids. 
Uniquely Ohio
by Marcia Schonberg
977.1 qS731u
Provides an overview of various aspects of Ohio that make it a unique state, including its people, land, government, culture, economy, and attractions. 
This is just a sample of some of the great books in our collection. Ask a librarian for more suggestions!
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