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Books for 5th and 6th Graders

The Blue Shoe
by Rod Townley
When a stranger commissioned Grel the cobbler to create a specially designed shoe and cover it with a variety of blue stones it sets in motion a series of events and eventually rights the wrongs that have divided the region. 
The Boy Who Dared
by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Seventeen-year-old Helmuth Hübener, imprisoned for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets, remembers how he came to bring the truth about Hitler and the war to the German people before his execution in October, 1942. 
Brooklyn Nine
by Alan Gratz
This book begins with a German immigrant boy in 1845 playing ball and follows his descendants through nine generations, as baseball is a major force in their lives. 
The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes
by Marlane Kennedy
Charlotte’s father brings home a pure breed St. Bernard puppy that he purchased at a bargain price. When he loses interest in he grown dog, Charlotte is the only one concerned about the dog’s well being. As she is not a dog person, Charlotte must find a way to give the dog a better life. 
Faith, Hope, and Ivy June
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Two Kentucky girls, Ivy June Mosley of Thunder Creek and Catherine Combs of Lexington, participate in a student exchange where they take turns living in the other’s home and attending school with her, keeping their thoughts in a journal. Although the girls appear to be worlds apart, they have much in common. 
Leaving the Bellweathers
by Kristin Clark Venuti
Tristan Benway, butler extraordinaire, is awaiting the end of the two hundred-year-old “Benway Family Oath of Fealty” to the Bellweather family. The current family has brought nothing but chaos to the quiet town of Eel-Smack-by-the-Bay leaving Tristan to clean up the mess. As the final months, weeks, days, hours approach, Tristan sets about writing his tell-all memoir and making plans to retire to a far away location. 
by Gary Paulsen
Twelve-year-old Lyle Williams, aka Mudshark, assists Principal Wagner when sixty-five erasers go missing from the classrooms. 
One of the Survivors
by Susan Shaw
Joey Campbell and his best friend Maureen are the only members of Mr. Austen’s history class to survive a devastating fire at Village Park High School. Now Joey must face the suspicions of the community that he had set the fire as well as the guilt that he is still alive. 
Princess of the Midnight Ball
by Jessica Day George
This is a retelling of the tale of twelve princesses who wear out their shoes dancing every night, and of Galen, who follows them in hopes of breaking the curse. 
The Stone Child
by Dan Poblocki
When the evil creatures and witches that appear in their favorite author’s books begin to terrorize the town of Gatesweed where the author once lived, friends Eddie, Harris, and Maggie must find a way to close the portal between worlds. 
This is just a sample of some of the great books in our collection. Ask a librarian for more suggestions!
Interested in reading one of these books? Call or visit your favorite library and ask for it! You can also check the Library Catalog.
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